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Integrity Guardianship and Senior Services offers a variety of services to our clients.  In whatever capacity our services are utilized, we use our 15+ years’ experience to always provide high-quality and personalized concierge service to our clients.


Senior Couple

There may come a time when you find it is just too difficult to keep up with bills for yourself or your loved one. Integrity Guardianship and Senior Services can help you gain control of your monthly expenses.  We are also able to assist in all areas of accounting and asset management.

Here are a few services we offer our clients:

Personal Representative

Representative Payee

VA Fiduciary

Bookkeeping and bill pay services

Trustee service

Property management

Asset protection analysis and management services

Apply for State and Government benefits

Medical and insurance claims processing

Long Term Care claim management

Provide a list of reputable Elder Law Attorneys


Walk in the Park

There may be a time when and individual who, due to physical, mental or developmental condition may be unable to exercise their full independence but have the ability to make some decisions for themselves. Or, sometimes family members live far away and just need help tending to the sometimes overwhelming needs of their loved one.

What are some signs there may be a problem:

1.    If an individual gets lost while driving

2.    When an individual can no longer manage their finances or are a prime target for expliotation

3.    When an individual has been diagnosed with a Chronic Progressive Illness and will need more assistance in the future

4.    When an individual is transitioning from their home to a new living environment

Whatever the circumstances, we will conduct a comprehensive geriatric care assessment to determine the specific needs of the individual while choosing the least restrictive environment.  We review the findings of the report with the individual or family and determine what level of involvement is needed. Then we collaborate with the large number of resources we have formed in the community to meet the individual’s needs. 

Here are just a few ways we can assist:

1.    Crisis Intervention and 24/7 availability

2.    Provide assistance with placement in the appropriate facility to meet the care needs of an individual

3.    Provide assistance to long-distance family to be there eyes, ears and advocate here and provide regular updates

4.    Provide assistance with monthly bills and management of personal and home affairs.

5.    Support living at home as long as possible by arranging for and monitoring care services

6.    Coordinate medical care and attend all medical or doctors appointments.  Navigate the medical system and ensure they have the right insurance that meets their needs.

7.    Apply for Medicaid or other government resources if they apply.


Holding Hands

Guardianship is a legal process wherein an individual or agency is appointed by the Probate Court and delegated the responsibility to make decisions for another person. The Court determines if a person is incapacitated physically and/or mentally and in need of a guardian.

Types of Guardianship:

1.  Guardianship of the Person, Property or Plenary-for an incapacitated individual

2.  Voluntary Guardianship-for an individual that has capacity but needs supportive services

3.  Pre-Need Guardianship-The declaration that can name a Registered Guardian to be there when the need develops

A Registered Guardian is someone appointed by the Court who makes informed decisions concerning all rights delegated by the Court.  Based upon their knowledge, experience, and education they are able to work with the client, family and professionals to assess the needs of the client and implement a care plan to ensure the client receives the highest possible care.  Registered Guardians are held to an extremely high standard by the applicable State laws.  They must be bonded in the State of Florida* and are required to file an annual accounting for the finances and/or a plan of the person.  These documents are then scrutinized by the Court and Inspector General.  If the registered guard meets the high standards set by the Court, then a Court Order approving these documents are entered.  If at any time there are questions about the annual documents, the Registered Guardian must provide documents/explanation to satisfy the Court.

*(Contact an elder law attorney in your state for more information about guardian bonding and reporting requirements in your area)

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