Sara Fuentes, Registered Guardian

Sara Fuentes started her legal career in 2004.  Over the next 15 years she worked in various types of law, but found she was drawn to the probate field where she became familiar with the guardianship process. 

In 2017, a close friend, who happened to be a guardian suggested Sara look into becoming a guardian.   She said "it would be perfect for you because you work so well with people, you always want to help and you have a legal background."  

Since 2017, Sara has been a registered guardian and founded Integrity Guardianship and Senior Services to serve the community.  Every client Sara has, is treated like family while receiving specialized care that utilizes her legal background and prior experience.

Sara is active in the guardianship and healthcare community, and is passionate about educating the public that a guardian is a positive resource for individuals and their families.  

She is an active member of the National Guardianship Association, Florida State Guardianship Association and serves as a member on the legislative committed with the Florida State Guardianship Association.  She was a founding member of the Tri-County Heartland Guardianship Chapter in Florida and is serving as President Elect for the term of 2020 to 2023.  She is also a member of the Polk County Estate Planning Counsel and Emergency Respite Committee with the Lakeland Police Department.